Email Marketing

There’s gold in them there list’s….

With the rapid growth of the internet, just about everyone has access to emails. E-mail marketing when done correctly is one of the most effective forms of direct advertising available. E-mail marketing including email announcements and online newsletters sent to people who have chosen to receive your offers. These people are already interested in your product or service and some form of interaction and trust served and accepted. These customers are the most likely to convert into sales.

We have seen time and time again the high quality results of properly managed email campaigns and the conversions that can be achieved. Email marketing requires research and an understanding of the consumer base and the target market to get the proper results of the campaign.

MarketingTwo provide the knowledge to successfully implement and manage your email campaigns. We provide list management, HTML email design, landing page design and optimization, as well as design and implementation of opt-in contact forms installed on your website. We also provide email delivery and campaign tracking through our 3rd party partners.

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